Sunday, April 08, 2012

30 hour push for Cocoa Cinnamon

I like being part of a team!
Yesterday morning I had to drive to Albermarle, NC on honey bees business. It was a quickly planned trip so I left Oxford heading south and had not eaten breakfast. Along the road I checked my Twitter feed and realized The Durham Farmers' Market was going to be open by the time I drove through Durham. I also noticed Pie Pushers was making breakfast biscuits. Then I decided that with just a few extra moments to my day I could have a great biscuit and support a small business.

Becky was at the Pie Pushers trailer ready to take my order and get my biscuit ready. She and Mike are one of the reasons Durham is the BEST food city in the state. After grabbing my biscuits (yes, two, it was a long road trip) I walked over to CocoaCinnamon and their awesome coffee bike. Areli was there BUSY making coffee, tea, and chocolate for all thirsty folks. She made me a very good cup of lavender tea I met Areli & Leon a few weeks ago at a coffee, tea, and chocolate tasting at Milton & Ginger's house.

Areli and Leon are small business people with a dream for a community coffee, tea, and chocolate shop on Geer St in Durham. They are raising money for this shop on Kickstarter. I am a backer of the project and wanted to help again for the last few hours. Go check out their project and become a backer also, even $1 can make a difference.

With a few hours left, become part of the team.

CocoaCinnamon had an outstanding fundraising effort using Kickstarter. With the help of 609 backers not only did they raise the $20k desired for the shop but exceeded that amount by another $12,350.00. I am looking forward to being there opening day!

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