Thursday, April 26, 2012

The twisted logic of the right on Amendment One.

NC's political and religious right,of which I count myself as one, is defying the very definition of what it means to be conservative and faithful. I am struggling as I put my thoughts to pen regarding my opposition to NC Amendment One. Luckily for me a friend jotted down a great thought on the matter. Silvanus Slaughter is a poet, artist and musician born and raised in Oxford. NC.

"One of the key components of Fascism is to pick a vulnerable target to terrorize and diminish. While it SEEMS to offer the rest some form of Specialness and Protection, what it actually, deftly, silently, accomplishes is to tell the rest to "fall in line" ...and comply with more demands to come... or YOU could be next. I don't believe most Republicans champion Fascism any more than I am deluded that all Democrats champion the workingman's good. But a dangerous extremism is at work, cynically wrapped in a flag whose meaning it shreds, and deforming Christianity for its own dreams of power and domination. Vote AGAINST Amendment One in North Carolina." ~Silvanus Slaughter~

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