Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Larry is just awesome sometimes.

My dearest friend Larry McGarr wrote something very profound over on my FB page. It was so well written and thought provoking I wanted all of you to enjoy. So, today, Thnx for the guest post Larry!

Apparently scripture isn't much help when it comes to how we are to share the truth. We approach the Gospel like we're throwing mud on the wall just to see what sticks. We call it 'sowing seeds', but effectively we're throwing stones at people who can't tell the difference between us and anyone else.

We claim that we are preaching the truth to justify our 'witness', but our best efforts are usually a waste of time. Our church signs read "Jesus Saves" - and that's true; but an unbeliver will ask, "From what?"

When an unbeliver looks at Christians does He see Jesus saving His followers from divorce, from disease, from additions? Hardly. For all they know by the way we act, Jesus might have saved us a bundle on our car insurance. Jesus Saves is the truth - but it's a worthless truth in a world filled with chaos, hopelessness, division, anger, and hatred. When someone has to beg for food and sleep under bridges at night, they have little hope for more than surviving another day. They don't want an eternity of more of the same.

What did Jesus preach to the lost? He didn't go around preaching rebirth, religion, or prosperity or the Ten Commandments. Jesus preached "Blessed are the meek." We've been beat down by a fallen world and imprisoned by religion into believing we're slugs undeserving of grace and mercy. "Blessed are the lonely." Deep inside, we know that there has to be more to our existence than a life of trials and failures. That's the witness we should be preaching. We should treat others as God treats us - gently and with compassion, not condemnation.


  1. Very well said, Larry!! And thanks, Jimmy for sharing this with us all as a reminder and challenge.

  2. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I wish I could bottle this and serve it up to some self-proclaimed Christians I know. Thanks!