Thursday, February 05, 2009

Progress,progress,progess...Wednesday we made progress.

Tis the season for parades in NOLA.

James Wagner from Durham, NC was quick to find a repair shop for my broken nail gun. Louis and I drove over to Jefferson Parish this morning to find the store/shop. It was a quick my hast to leave Granville County I had grabbed the wrong gas canisters for the gun. The two guns I own use two different gas types, the only difference with the canisters is a small red or yellow panel on the label. It was a quick five minute fix. We drove the eight miles or so back to the seventh ward and were quick to work.

Louis is very close to completing the hall bath and shower stall. The tiles have a complicated pattern that must be matched so the going is slow and tedious. I returned to the laundry room and gained ground on raising the floor. The HVAC contractor for Mrs. H came by to pick up a key and discuss what he needs me to build for the new central air/heating system to be installed. I also spoke with Mrs. h and we had a delightful conversation.

The day went by speedily and before I knew it Mrs. Phillip was calling Louis and I for lunch. Stuffed pork chops, yellow rice and pinto beans cooked by Mrs. Phenix did fill a hungry tummy this afternoon. The day was breezy and cold, so Mrs. Phillip also made a pot of coffee for us to enjoy.

I set a goal of getting a good amount of the plywood down and by 4:30pm I was very close. About that time a team of four volunteers from Forward Edge stopped by to let us know they were going to be helping us with Mrs. Phillip's house also. It was a great relief to know more help is on the way. It will help Mrs. Phillip get back into her house all the more quickly.

Louis and I have had a blast together. This is the most time we have spent together in many years. On Friday he is driving back to Marietta, GA. He has several job interviews this weekend. Hopefully, he will return early next week and we will continue our goal to help two ladies return home during our month here in NOLA.

As always, pray for us and pray for the people of NOLA.

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