Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday night ramblings from a weary body...

A common sight in and around New Orleans.

As we drove through Chalmette on Thursday we stopped to pick up the tile Mrs. Phillip had ordered earlier in the week. While we waited for the order I introduced Louis to Pamela the salesperson. As the conversation continued she began to tell us her Katrina story. She and her husband evacuated their teen aged daughters out of the region. They stayed to protect their home and property. St. Bernard Parish flooded with more then ten feet of water, in some areas the water was fifteen feet over the houses. Pamela and her husband stayed in their boat as thee waters rose to over four feet in their neighborhood. The storm came through early Monday morning and the flooding started mid morning. By Wednesday the waters has receded out of their home, but Chalmette and the parish were destroyed. Pamela's house was a double wide modular which was not considered a "home" by federal standards. All she owned was lost and she has had to start over again. She purchased a gutted house and has been rebuilding that structure for over two years. She now is saving money to buy the paint to finish the home. It has been a tough time for her and her family. Before we left Louis and I prayed for and with her, it is what we could do at the time.

There are literally thousands of Pamelas in this region of the state and the whole of the gulf coast. Some have benefited from the storm and the funds that are available, but many are struggling each day just to take a small step toward housing and the restoration of personal belongings.

If this city and region return to a sense of restoration it will be because God's family has decided to renew, rebuild and restore. Estimates range from ten to twenty years will be needed for this area to rebuild and much of that labor will be provided by volunteers, people just like Louis and me who see the need and are compelled to respond. How about you? All that is needed is a caring heart and two hands to help. Here are a few ways you can make a difference.
  • Make plans to come and help rebuild with one of the faith based organizations that have mobilized for the effort.
  • Pray for those organizations and the many volunteers involved.
  • Pray for New Orleans and the entire gulf coast from Mobile to Galveston.
  • Encourage your church or organization to get involved.
  • Write a check to my church to help with my expenses, I still have the rest of Feb left in this trip.
  • Be thankful for your home and your things.
  • Be a blessing to all you meet even if it is just a smile.

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