Friday, December 12, 2008

Hinton Kitchen/Bath Renovations right before Christmas.

We started this kitchen renovation on Wednesday. We tore out the counter tops, back splash and sink. Wednesday afternoon we were to fabricate the tops out of Meganite (a solid surface material). The freight company dropped the ball and by Thursday morning the product was still in Atlanta. R&L Shipping has had a bad week as far as I am concerned! Yesterday morning they shipped the pallets to China Grove, NC where they would be by 2:30pm yesterday. My associate Kevin contacted R&L to verify the order was on the manifest, it was according to the company computers. Kevin drove the diesel truck and 20' to pick up the order and save time. After 3 hours driving he found the order in the China Grove terminal for R&L small box full of adhesive. The large pallets were still in Atlanta...

4 tanks of diesel fuel..................$250.00

Pizza for a family with
no kitchen.................................$40.00

A shipping company
that delivers on time..................PRICELESS

An update: We finished the fabrication on Saturday morning and spent most of the day installing the new counter tops, new sink and new faucet set. It looks great! I'll post photos soon.

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  1. Makes me mad and it's not my counters! Who did you buy the counter tops from? We can contact them and complain about R&L. Maybe they'll choose to go with a more reliable carrier - something they should want to do because their customer satisfaction depends on the carrier - just as your customers depend upon you.