Friday, August 15, 2008

Melissa's Adventure Begins!

I drove to Charlotte yesterday to visit Melissa and her mother Nancy. As I entered her room I found a young lady that was at peace and had a story to tell. From last Thursday morning, until sometime this past Sunday Melissa was moving from 24hour truck stop to truck stop. She communicated her appreciation for the truckers who helped her even in her confused state. They were kind, and attempted to help as best they could. I want to send a big shout-out all the men and woman out here that drive the big rigs...Thanks for keeping America rolling. If you happen to be one of those great Americans who stopped and attempted to help my niece along her "adventure", may God's blessings and peace be on your life and may He return to you the safety and care you showed to Melissa.

I visited with Melissa and Nancy about two hours and then they were gone. Yes, the doctor in Charlotte along with friends of Melissa's parents have found a treatment facility for her in Marietta! She will be with professionals to help her become healthy and strong and will be close to family.

I hope and pray you will continue to pray for Melissa and her family. She is safe, but she has lots of hard work ahead and family has much support to provide.

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