Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Melissa has been found! Updated 8/13

A doctor called Melissa's mother Nancy about one hour ago. Melissa was found wandering in a parking lot and a concerned citizen took her to a hospital in Charlotte, NC. She is physically fine and under the care of the hospital. Her mother is driving from Atlanta to Charlotte even as this message goes out.

Our entire family wants to thank all of you for your prayers and support during the last few days. We are thankful for God's mercy!

A note from Melissa: 8/13 9:30pm
Thanks to all who prayed and worried for me. I cannot believe how many care. Can it ever be said that you were loved enough? Not yet, but I sure do feel it more than ever. I am here. I am finding good help. And now I am blessed that you all were here looking, loving and thinking of me. God Bless.

A note from Melissa's Mother: 8/13

What a blessing 2 see Melissa safe and well cared for in the hospital. I explained to her there are so many people who prayed and cared about her - it made her smile. I'm not sure she believed me . . . but tomorrow I will show her the list of the people who have been thinking of her.

The small amount of info she could remember from the last ten days - it's amazing she survived.

Thank you for all your prayers and hopefully one day you'll hear the story from Melissa.

The biggest gift she could receive from you now is a Post. So, show your support by writing a message to her on this wall.

Held in His arms -
I spoke with Melissa on the phone this afternoon. She is a bit confused and tired, but she is safe and has a great doctor and staff that are taking good care of her.

I will keep these posts up for a few days. I am sure that the family will want to thank a few folks here in a public way.



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  1. Great news guys! Prayers work! She was in good hands before we even prayed on Sunday morning.