Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love Bluegrass music...wanna fight about it?

As I have written in past posts, I enjoy bluegrass music. The stories in the lyrics, the sound of several acoustic string instruments playing together, the harmony of the voices.

I fell in love with Alison Krauss several years ago and continue to love the sound of her voice. Her duet album "Raising Sand" with Robert Plant is a thing of beauty and fun to hear and enjoy.

The Triangle area tends to have an over abundance of country stations, but few play much bluegrass or folk music. WQDR 94.7 fm does have a bluegrass show on Sunday nights, but the the song selection tends to bluegrass only, never varying the sound to acoustic folk or even international sounds; Pine Cone Bluegrass is o.k. in a pinch.

We are lucky to have a public radio network that originates out of Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina. It is an NPR affiliate that also produces local programing. I know, I feel some of you cringing at the thought of NPR. I will say this, all of the programs are well produced radio and much of the content is excellent. Remember, I do not have to agree with everything I hear to enjoy the conversation.
Many times, it is hearing an opposing or even offensive viewpoint that actually causes me to reconsider my own views, faith and tastes. Don't knock NPR until you have listened a few weeks. The weekend programming they provide is thought provoking and enjoyable.

I did not mean to go on about NPR. The WUNC network has a great weekend music show called Back Porch music. It airs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between around 8pm and Midnight. They play an outstanding mix of bluegrass, folk and international acoustic music. On the weekends, if I am where I can listen, the show will be on the radio. They will also send you a play list each week, so you can find an artist you may have heard, it comes via email and very convenient.

A couple of the artists I found while listening to WUNC.

You'll be amazed by Sierra Hull:

You can always count on the Grass Cats: They are from Snow Camp, NC

I love bluegrass music...if you don't like it. You can get your own iPod;) hint, hint, hint to all you family members who complain about the musical selection on My iPod.

This group is not actually bluegrass, but the music is cool non-the-less.
Take a listen to She & Him:

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