Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Post 301...friends, romans, countrymen...

I discovered blogging around 2001. I soon experimented with team blogging, which was fun as long as the topic was not to narrow. A narrow topic ended up with a blog that soon ran out of steam. I then attempted a congregational blog, asking each member to contribute a post in a rolling, rambling conversation. A few folks posted consistently, for a while...those same few folks are blogging still and there blogs appear in my friends and family side bar.

All the while I had WoodShavings, this place where I would leave my thoughts and ideas. Around 2003, this blog became almost exclusive full of my anger and feelings after a church slip. I wrote for several months and then let the whole mess sit for a year. After that time, I came back to WoodShavings and my lovely wife spoke words of great wisdom to me, "Delete it, delete all of it.", simple words I followed and here we are 302 posts later. Much of what is here is total drivel, but if you look, you might find a gem or two along the way.

In celebration, I have decided to list in no particular order the blogs I read on a regular basis. Most are in my RSS feed, but I prefer to click on each link from my blog list or bookmarks...that for me is a reading ritual. It is a time to think, ponder and grow as I click and read.

The Creativity Exchange

Dad's Tomato Garden Journal

Seth Godin

Cupcakes Take the Cake

Bible Belt Blogger

Bill Kinnon

Brad Boydston

Cerulean Sanctum

Dr. Dave Black

Milton Brasher-Cunningham

Internet Monk

Jesus Creed

Jon Birch

Kamp Krusty

YS Marko

Mike Morrell

Naked Pastor

Real Live Preacher


Paul Soupiset

Tall Skinny Kiwi

Wes Roberts

These are blogs I click to almost everyday...even if they do not have a new post. I usually click through my family and friends list everyday. Some of the writers here I will meet, some are my friends, some I look forward to meeting someday and a very few are my spiritual family members. All of them accompany me on my journey toward my heavenly home.

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