Friday, June 06, 2008

A Better Life: Moving from the shadows into the Light.

"Things have been so different these past 9 months and i dont even know how to describe what life is like now. I feel like now that i have experienced life true and sober i wonder why i wasted all that time in a drug induced blur. Right now i am sitting with Landon and he is holding his bottle up for himself and is nearly asleep as he is doing so. Its funny to me how a mistake has turned into such a huge blessing in my life. Its amazing what being a parent will do for someone.
Lately all i have been doing is working and going to school. I have had spare time with Landon but thats about it. I sit back and miss the days where i had no true responsibility and wish i could just relax. I miss sitting around with friends with nothing much to do and going out on dates with Natassia. We never have time for any of this any more and i really wish we did. This summer i have a month off of school and i really want to take advantage of it. I want to take some time and spend it with the people i love most. Money is important and so is school but i still need time on the side. It has been really crazy lately and sometimes i do wonder if i could ever go back to my old lifestyle. I never let that thought linger for too long for fear of where it might take me. Its amazing how i still sometimes desire the thing that brought me closer to death than i ever want to be again and nearly cost me everything in my life that was worth while. Im glad to be alive still and i am so thankful for every new day and challenge that awaits me. i like to end on an optimistic note."

These words were penned by my nephew Andrew. He has been sober now for nine months. Before that time, he spent much of his jr. high, high school and college years in a drug induced state. His freedom has been hard fought and I am sure the road ahead will have challenges. He is back in school at an art institute and working two jobs. He also spends much of his time taking care of his son Landon who is about nine months old. He is experiencing life with God and himself in a new way. He wrote this short and powerful piece on facebook and I wanted all of you to read and ponder his thoughts. While you are at it, how about praying for Andrew, Natassia and Landon.

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  1. What powerful, heartfelt words! We will certainly be praying and relying on the Lord to give him the strength he needs to face tough times. He has more insight and maturity than many "senior citizens" that I know. Tell him we are praying for all 3 of them.