Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's all about the stories II...

Josh Freeman is a soldier in the N.C. National Guard 1132rd MPs.
He has just returned from a year away from home fighting in Iraq.
His best friend and fellow soldier Lance Eakes did not return.
This tattoo is to honor a friend, a soldier, a young man, a great American.
Lance Eakes will never be forgotten by his friend Josh Freeman.
Josh will tell countless people the story of his friend.
Someday he will tell his stateside friends and family.
Someday he will tell his children.
Someday he will tell his grandchildren.
He will tell the world daily by the man he is and the life he leads.
Someday he will tell the world his story.

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  1. ThAT is so sad.But such a tribute to his friend.