Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Nothingness

It has been a busy week here. On top of that, the last two posts were so meaningful to me that anything else I can add at the moment would seem trite, and all of you that know me know I am not trite or sarcastic or shallow in any way;-)

At our faith community this morning we are going to view a video by Louie Giglio, "How Great is Our God", it is worth the 40mins.

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I've been telling people for several years that this blog is good for the whole family.
Here is proof, there is no cussing on this blog. All of my fundy friends can come and hang out here. They will not hear the Lord's name taken in vain or any other such sinful talk on this blog. Now, for all the blogs in my Blogcase, watch out, they cuss like Australian sailors and probably need Jesus. Pray for them!

  • I can still hear my father's voice in the back of my head,"Can't never gets you anywhere". "I can't", just does not cut it with my dad. Bethany could have easily spoken those words and no one would have blamed her. Not only did she surf again...she has gone pro.
  • Sobering words by Buzz Aldrin


  1. Did you know Giglio's wife's name?? Shelley of course!! :) (And no, I won't add anything spicy to my comments and ruin your 0% rating!) Hope to see you guys soon -

  2. Daddy, the sarcasm in this post is hilarious. And you wonder where I get it from!