Saturday, October 13, 2007

Traffic jambs,CEOs,Chinese Food

Thursday morning I was up at 5:00am. That is a normal time for my eyes to open and begin my day. I was getting up early to drive to Raleigh.

On Wednesday a friend called with a free ticket to this event. I don't start a new construction project until Monday, so I thought I might enjoy hearing great speakers in one venue, at the same time. I left my house at 6:40am, that would give me more than enough time to make the 55min drive to Raleigh to the RBC Center. On Creedmoor Rd, there was a wreck. Creedmoor Rd is two lanes at Norwood Dr., needless to say, the traffic ssllloooowwwwwwweedddddd down to a crawl. After getting on 540 I ran into this. At 10am I was still waiting in traffic to get a parking place. The parking places available were across from Gate 9 at the N.C. State Fair Grounds. I calculated quickly that the traffic out at 5pm would be just the same. With the vendor traffic building for the N.C. State Fair, I made an executive decision. I bagged this and went to the fair grounds to purchase advanced tickets for the fair. I then went here and had a great cup of coffee and a little conversation with this guy. I then drove to Durham to spend the afternoon with my Mom and Dad. All in all, I think it was the kind of decision the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company might not make. I probably will not be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, but I had a great time with my 77 year old parents and some pretty good fast food Chinese.


  1. Chris9:41 AM

    I went to the event. I guess it was a good thing I left at 6:30 from Oxford. By the time I got to I-40 west of town the traffic was only backed up to Harrison Avenue, so I only had a relatively short wait to get to the Wade Avenue split. In an amazing display of insight, (or blind luck, you be the judge) I decided to stay in the left lane on Wade Avenue, took the 440 beltline to Hillsborough St, hung a right on Ridge Road and a left at the light at Trinity Road, and, voila!, I was in the parking lot.

    As for the event itself I would say it was ok. The only speaker who actually motivated me to do anything was Krish Dhanam, and he wasn't on the program! He was very funny and spent most of his time on the importance of being a good husband and father.

    Colin Powell was also very good. He spoke of what made a good leader and also gave many insights about the world's past and current political situations. I could easily vote for him for President.

    The rest were either forgettable or only there to pitch something.


  2. Now I know I was better spending the day with my folks.