Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Schoolhouse Rock!, rocks!!

I am a child of the sixties and seventies. I was born at the end of the "boomer" age and sorta slip into the "buster" faze. In December I will be 44. As a child I remember the "After School Special" and "Schoolhouse Rock!". Schoolhouse Rock!(SHR) played in the afternoons between programing. In my part of N.C. it was probably placed between Gilligan's Island and Andy Griffith. I still remember the songs from SHR, and I can say I learned a thing or two from these three minute psa educational snippets.

Now, you may ask why I am posting SHR videos on my blog. If you notice, they are all the U.S. History videos that were produced at that time. I want to introduce this educational and cheesey resource to a new generation.

My family has been involved in the NC Homeschooling movement for over 15 yrs. We love our two home schooled students and home schooling families in general. My wife is the registrar of Providence Tutorials, an educational enrichment program for home schoolers. I instruct a high school Civics and Government Course in the program. For that reason, I have invited my students to come by this blog and view the SHR American History videos for themselves. It is my hope that they will have the same songs haunting them in thirty years.

The students can earn extra credit during fall break if they view the videos and leave a comment. Don't worry, my blogware will tell me how long they hang out, so I'll know if they indeed take a peek at the cartoons. If they happen to learn the Preamble song and sing it with me in class Friday, October 19, I'll even add an extra point of two.

If anybody knows where I can find the SHR video "I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College", about the electoral college, online, please let me know.

No More Kings

The Shot Heard 'Round The World


Three Ring Government

The Preamble

I'm Just A Bill

Mother Necessity

Elbow Room


  1. That's funny that these are on YouTube now... we have the VHS plus all the cassette tapes...

  2. I LOVE SHR! I think it was some of the most creative teaching tools created.

  3. Mr. Smith (Zach)7:25 PM

    OK, got the e-mail from my mom. These are great. I think we must have listened to those tapes for years (this was before CDs were really big). I notice you're missing the one on the Nineteenth Amendment ;)>

  4. Yes, I am of the opinion that only Male landowners should vote;)>

  5. We're not going there dear! Think Preamble, not Suffrage!

  6. I did not bring it up. Mr Smith did and you know I must make them aware of all my brilliant opinions;-)

    PS Remember what Bob says about women....

  7. Rachel f8:09 AM

    i like the videos they are so cool .i had no idea that they existed.and they are a fun way to lean.

  8. I love these things.
    I miss The After School Specials

  9. Matthew8:27 PM

    Nice vids. I saw these i can't remember how long ago. They are packed with info, and seem like a really good way to learn about this stuff.

  10. Adrienne8:06 PM

    wow... those were.... interesting? my little brother liked them.. i cant say that much for myself though. haha

  11. The movies were...entertaining. Very funny, and a good way to remember all the stuff.

  12. If I may make so bold as to speak my mind, I think those videos are the cheesiest bunch of nothing I've ever watched! lol Some people may be able to learn something from them, but I know I didn't!

  13. jeff,

    you must open your mind to knowledge;-)

  14. I do, and I tried with these videos, but without success! lol