Monday, October 08, 2007

Halo III, killing for Jesus

My 14 year old daughter plays Halo. She is quiet, somewhat shy and always has a hug for daddy. When she sits down at our computer and plays the game she is transformed. My sweet little girl becomes a killing machine. Aliens bleed and die. When she goes, Red vs Blue, opposing team members die.

I am not saying that I am proud of my daughters pixelated-bloodlust, but as of yet, I cannot see how this game play will influence her long term. She enjoys gaming, but it does not overwhelm other parts of her life. In the past, she would play online, but lately, she plays more with friends and the XBox in their home and then just a few hours every week or so.

It is my fault. I started playing FPS a few years ago with BattleField II. I then invited both my daughters to join me. We do have fun with friends gaming around. We have progressed to BattleField 2142. For me, I grow bored of things after months as do my kids. We still have the games and play occasionally, but I would not call us avid gamers.

Halo III launched about three weeks ago. In a few months it will be the highest grossing video game of all time. Gaming cafes are full and middle school, high school and college kids are talking about and playing the game.

I have three questions for all to address.

  • How should the church of Jesus respond?
  • Is this appropriate?
  • Will you let me come play your XBOX360? I'll bring the junk food and caffeine.

Friday, October 12. Dan Edelen weighs in on the conversation. As usual, it is worth the read.


  1. From the article you linked:

    "Mr. Barbour, the youth pastor at the church, said the game had led to a number of internal discussions prompted by elders who complained about its violent content. Mr. Barbour recently met for several hours with the church’s pastor and successfully made his case that the game was a crucial recruiting tool."

    To me, the problem is not Halo 3. The problem is that churches have seemingly forsaken the proclamation of the Gospel as the means of bringing people into the church. Recruitment? Are you kidding me? Are we a part of the Church or are we a part of a corporation? This isn't about's about souls.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

    The only thing I really want to know is:

    How badly do your daughters beat you in the online game world? ;)


  2. ...and that being said... Jeremy turned us on to 2 must haves in the world of video games... Rock Star and Karaoke Star... yep... air guitar and singing to the oldies never was so fun!!
    .. Christopher spent 1/2 the weekend with the Henderson crew and he, William and Nick stayed up all night playing the new Halo... he said it was good.... but give him NBA Live any day!

  3. Chris,

    In Halo, Joy is the master. In Battlefield II and 2142, I rule both of them. That would be because I have spent many hours playing and outrank them. Joy is the Halo Queen, many a young man dreads to see her user name on a server.

    I feel much the same as you. The good news is what will change the lives of these students not Halo. I do see allowing kids to have a blast in a safe environment and who would not want to have the church fund 8 42" HD bigscreens;-) In the end, if the story of Jesus is not told and people do not encounter the risen Christ, it is a waste of time.