Monday, October 15, 2007

Doctor,doctor gimme the news,what is it? - Test your disease knowledge

For some mysterious reason I seem to know more about deadly diseases than I thought. It could be the "any-topic-is-ok" rule we have around our dinner table. With a biology geek for a daughter and the rest of us lovers of learning, the conversations are interesting, to say the least. About two years ago we were having dinner when my oldest Katy said out of the blue,"Urine is so cool!" That is one of the G-Rated topics around our table.

So, how well do you know disease and sickness? Take the quiz and find out.


  1. I got Hawkeye, too. I was bummed because I only missed one disease and got that one on the second try. I wanted to be Dogie Howser!!! ;-)

  2. I got Hawkeye too. And on the How Much Am I Worth, I scored exactly $2,160,230. Now if I could get that in cash upfront......