Monday, October 15, 2007

He's just so darn cute! Like a lynx.

I did NOT see the 60 Minutes piece last night, here is a link to the videos. My family and I were enjoying the N.C. State Fair and our share of fair food fare. Mr. Osteen has been a topic of conversation here in the Chalmers' home over the last few days. So, I would like to clear the air and make one statement.

Joel Osteen is NOT preaching the story of Jesus his father John Osteen preached. Joel Osteen is NOT preaching the truth of the good news of Jesus contained in the Bible. Period. There I said it.

Michael Spencer did watch the show. Here are his thoughts.
Just so you will know, Michael and I do not agree on some things. On this topic, I find myself in his camp, on his side, waving his banner.

Here are the thoughts of a real live, theologian and scholar.


  1. I didn't know his dad, but Joel's message isn't realistic. It seems like Joel is saying that attitude trumps obedience.

  2. Now don't get me started on this guy!!! I loved it a few weeks ago when our pastor stood in the pulpit and declared that if you believe the prosperity gospel of Joel(yes he said his name!!) and others like him you have not read your Bible. He then went on to expound on "take up your cross" - an instrument of death - the total opposite of prosperity" and then on to "lay up for yourself treasure in heaven" and "what shall it PROSPER a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul".... like an engraved list of some of my favorite (and difficult to swallow!) verses. I thought I was going to shout AMEN but thankfully some of the older men in the congregation beat me to it! Now if I could only learn to live by the same verses I keep memorizing!! I don't know who "larry" above is but I think he's right on target - what about obedience?!

  3. It is so sad because my mom loves this guy. Several years ago I was visiting her and my step-dad and they were so excited for me to watch Joel. I sat thru his sermon and very quickly I got up to get my bible and I began to look up the verses he was referring to and lo and behold he was totally using them out of context. And I noticed that his entire message was about his power to change his life - where was Jesus in all that I thought.

    When it was over my parents looked at me with expectancy, hoping for my approval but I had to disappoint them. I urged them to have their bibles in their hand when they listened and to look up the scriptures for themselves - you would have thought I had sucker punched them as I saw the wind leave their sails.

    My mom loves him because he gives a feel good message that doesn't convict her at all - he gives a topical sermon that she can relate to. How sad I feel for her that she is missing out on so much that the Lord has for her.

    Thanks Jimmy for passing this along - boy do I feel relieved to know I'm not the only one who is anti-Joel.


  4. Joel's father John was a great preacher. His entire career, He maintained the message of Jesus as supreme. Though part of the Charismatic/Pentecostal renewal of the late 60's-early seventies, I would label him "charismatic light".
    He did preach the prosperity message, but he did stay focused on the good news of Jesus.