Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reading List

I've read Lee Iacocca's new book. The title was intriguing and of great interest to me. His autobiography from the eighties is still a delight to read. I DO NOT agree with all that Mr. Iacocca has to say, but I did find myself shaking my head in agreement through many of the pages.
The book is full of innuendo and heavy on accusation, but you know what Mr. Iacocca believes and thinks about USAmerica as it sits today. Never be afraid to read books that have a different worldview than you. If your faith, beliefs and convictions cannot take a little disagreement, they are VERY weak.

I have also started reading Len Sweet's new book. Parts of the book repeat things Len has been teaching for years, but as students of the future/past we need to hear them again and again and again. The "gift" of Len's foundation may appear to be the same, but it is a new and updated version. I mean, think about this; would you want a computer that is six or seven years old when you can have the new model? Len has taken many of his ideas from past books and put them in a new, miniaturized, more powerful version. When you add the smells, tastes, colors and feels of coffee, you have a winner. Prepare to view coffee and Jesus in a new way. Grab a copy of the book, brew a fresh pot of coffee and enjoy. Len and many like him would pull up a chair at Starbucks, but for me, the closest Starbucks is forty miles away. Add extra heavy cream for me!

I read Doug Pagitt's blog regularly. I also read the blogs of several of the contributing authors. I consider myself part of the Emerging/Missional conversation in a very conservative,libertarian,little-e-evangelical way. To date, I have read a few of the essays. If you are wondering where the church of Jesus in USAmerica is going in the future, this book is a must read.

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