Thursday, May 17, 2007

It has been a busy week here in Granville County. The weather has been good, so work has dominated the days. Nights have been busy with the family: our oldest daughter graduates from HS this month, so plans for ceremonies, parties and invitations have been the priority. We are also taking care of animals and house for friends on a spring family holiday. In the midst of all this, life goes on. The death of Jerry Falwell has highlighted the thoughts of many american christians.
Will Samson has a great post at willzhead, take a look and let me know what you think.

Another view by Dan Edelen.

A different take by NoVa Dad.


  1. I wanted you to know I read the Samson's blog on Falwell, and on the "post-" generation of believers. I find his approach interesting and worth thinking about, although I"m not sure I agree completely with his take on how science, philosophy, and theology interact. I also don't knwo that this "post-" generation is going to get it's butt in gear and do anything, or fall into the trap so many reforming generations have of writing about what the older generation ahs done wrong and writing about hwo they all think differently and writing about what needs to be changes, and writing and writing and......zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Every generation of believers has had its self-sacrificing, drink-offering people as well as the administrators, theologians, and pew-warmers. I am ready to be wowed, and to be part of the wowing, but I still have my very modernist skepticism intact.

    Heading out for a week's vacation tomorrow, but I'll be back to read more soon!

  2. Jimmy,

    Thanks for the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum on the death of Jerry Falwell. I pray it blesses your readers.

  3. Larry1:01 PM

    I seem to have come full circle in my faith, because I too have been affected by the Christian culture I was brought up in. But I agree with Will that the Church has failed to affect the lives of believers as we continue to experience divorce, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and debt just as much as the unchurched. Perhaps it's because the Church is teaching the wrong gospel.

    Mike Murdock preaches a gospel of prosperity. Jerry Falwell preached a gospel of a just and uncompromising God. Joel Osteen teaches the gospel of the value of self. Those aren't the gospels Jesus preached. He preached the Kingdom gospel. Jesus said that He is the gate through which we can enter His Kingdom. And the Church teaches Jesus as the Way, but fails to teach us what to do once we get through the Gate.

    That's why Up To The Table and feeding kids excites me. We're bringing a bit of the Kingdom into the lives of people who need to experience a little Heaven on Earth.