Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fry the bad guys!!

  • I am a political conservative.
  • I vote republican.
  • I am a memebr of the NRA.
  • I own firearms.
  • I believe in selfdefense to the death.
  • I believe in the death penalty.
  • I am a Christian.

With all that said, I also believe that innocent people are convicted and criminals are set free. I believe the justice system does this by accident and at a minimum. But, when all is said and done; I believe a jury that hands out death must have overwhelming evidence. Beyond a reasonable doubt may work in the law, but totally beyond doubt would have to be my own standard. In the case of Mauriceo Brown ,I believe from the bit I have read there is enough doubt to take a look at the case.

A follow-up on Mauriceo Brown.

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