Thursday, July 20, 2006

Selling Soap

My internet friend Gordon Atkinson is a pastor. He is also a writer. He has been a web designer. He is like many of us in the ministry today. We do not want to be totally dependent on a church or congregation for our income. We can and will work hard in all we do, but we have skills and dreams which can feed our families beyond an offering plate. Some of us have small congregations and need additional income. Some do not want the church to use funds to pay a staff, they want to use the monies to build the hearts and minds of a community. Some come to ministry and churches with good incomes from "professional" or "technical" fields which pay very well.

Gordon and myself are part of a new trend in professional ministry. The bi-vocational or multi-vocational pastor/leader. We have many streams of income to feed our families and plan our futures. Gordon writes. I build things.

Gordon and I both have much help from our wives. My wife works on Mondays at a cattle auction. She is an a administrator for a Homeschool tutoring service. She sells items online.
She has a secret job which can pay well.(no, she is not a spy) Gordon's wife is setting up a website to sell soap. I hope and pray she sells tons of soap. I pray she sells enough soap to evaporate all financial stress.

So, visit her website and buy soap!

Natural Soap

Handmade Soap

Homemade Soap


  1. Woodshavings Man-
    Thanks for the mention. I should compare notes with your wife. :)


  2. Woodshavings Man-
    Thanks for the plug. I should compare notes with your wife. :)