Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Basketball Hoop

On Sunday evening after a trip to Durham, Joy and I decided we were going to assemble her new basketball goal. It was fairly simple, as you only needed a few tools and a wee-bit of time. I had Joy looking for the parts and matching them with the diagrams. All went well until we needed part #11. I looked for it everywhere in the boxes. I spread out all the parts. Huffy had sent the wrong parts!! I couldn’t believe a company that big would forget to pack a part not much bigger than a granola bar. I called customer service. They of course are closed on Sundays. That is the main reason Christians do not shop, drink, eat or recreate on Sundays…..all customer service representatives are home for the weekend. I also hate starting new things late in the day…it always causes challenges that seem bigger than they do in the morning. Monday morning I was up at 5:30am and off to a meeting in Louisburg. There, we were plotting the takeover of the N.C. General Assembly and ending years of liberal rule of big spending Dems. We shall see how that goes in November. I returned home around 9:30am and decided I would finish the basketball goal. I grabbed the phone, the tools, the instructions and headed outside. I called customer service and went through the long list of computer questions to get to someone who could help. I was placed on hold and set about occupying myself for the long wait. I went through all the pieces again and took a long look at a blister pack full of additional pieces and hardware. Then, I saw what I thought was part #11. After cutting away the blister wrap and removing two washers covering it, I was sure I was holding part #11. Within five minutes it was completed. After the base was filled with water from the hose the hoop was raised and Joy has been shooting hoops since then. The whole story proves a few things to me.

Ø Always take a Sunday afternoon nap.
Ø Never start a project after 6pm on a Sunday.
Ø Simple things can become difficult.
Ø Blister wrap is devilish.
Ø Mornings are better because of coffee.

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