Sunday, July 16, 2006

That Michael Spencer can write!

Michael Spencer is the Internet Monk. He is also the founder and until the last few days the bartender at The Boar's Head Tavern. It is a free-wheeling discussion on many and all topics. A place for a diverse group to talk and hang-out. The tavern has rules. Rules are not bad. I just think a virtual tavern should have less rules, not more. That is why I am no longer a contributing memebr at BHT. I still lurk there. Watching, reading, laughing, cursing, looking from the outside.

Michael's main blog is the Internet Monk. The writing is good and many of the topics are of interest to me. Many are not! But, I always leave having learned something. His artciles on Idolarty have been good. I feel much the same way he does on this topic. I love his writings on success. I may like them because I have experienced a church grow from 100 to less than twenty. It could be that I am spiritually insane. It could be that I cannot handle the scriptures well. It could be that I am a heretic. Or, just maybe, it could be that I have been kissed with the grace, mercy and love of Jesus. That remains to be seen.

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