Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homeless Doggie Fatboy is Loved and Cherished.

This is a picture of Shelley, Joy and me with Fatboy. Fatboy is a homeless dog who lives on the streets of Durham, N.C. Fatboy might be homeless but, he is not alone. Fatboy has a human companion named Troy. Troy suffers from severe social anxiety and fear. He adopted Fatboy about six weeks ago. Fatboy has someone to love and care for him and Troy has a loving and faithful companion to help him have less anxiety and fear. Troy & Fatboy are part of our lives. We make sure Fatboy has food. We also make sure Troy has food, shelter and the other things he needs for life. During December Troy will travel home to be with family for a short time. Fatboy will need a place to stay and be loved and cared for during troy's absence.

During this upcoming season of thanksgiving and love and celebration and giving; Do not forget our neighbors who are struggling each day to be feed, clothed and sheltered. We will gladly take ALL donations and make sure folks like Troy and doggies like Fatboy are cared for.

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