Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haiti Day 4 by Louis Chalmers

We made good progress today on the foundations and basement of the church @ Penea today.

The comrade re grows daily with the congregation as we work together to rebuild their church. The
language barrier limits our communications but bucket lines passing dirt & concrete build strong bonds of friendship without words.

The church was given a gift of an
audio new testament today. Pastor Romelus expressed heartfelt gratitude for our efforts to rebuild a larger building for them and reminded us that we will all have a meeting together in the skies one day.

We grow weary each day but were better acclimated to the heat today so we could finish the afternoon more strongly. We brought smiles to our new friends when we wilted in the afternoon sun yesterday.

We look forward to returning to worship with Pastor Oilistin's church this evening with anticipation of sharing their contagious faith and Joy.
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