Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haiti Day 5 by Louis Chalmers

Today we helped construct foundations for new church walls @ Pastor Olistin's church. Many hands make lighter passing stones & buckets of cement to build a foundation. Working along side Haitian
brothers and sisters is a refreshing experience- the Church being the Church.

The community children attend school each day since the schools are still not open. Lunch is prepared each day for the children and adults of the community.

The children of
Haiti are joyful and curious. Our team includes several gifted childrens workers who spent the day teaching them choruses. The children especially enjoy viewing pictures of family on our cell phones.

It is awesome to watch the team God assemblies for these trips. We have several Canadians who can communicate in French with the
Haitians and a couple of first aid trained medics who have assisted 3 children this week with removing a rock from an infant's foot, mending a split lip, and lancing a boil on an infant's head.

This last infant was found and taken in by a church member after the earth quake because both parents died. The adoptive mom told us doctors at a Haitian hospital wanted $100 just to lance this boil.

We ended the day with a tour of the destruction near their national palace. It's hard to imagine if we would respond to similar circumstances with faith & joy if our nations capitol and
White House lay in ruins.
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