Monday, June 15, 2009

A day of demolition...

Kevin & I made an early run to Durham to begin the demolition of our kitchen project. The plumbing was disconnected, electrical wiring was made safe to remove appliances, the cabinets were torn out and the counter tops removed.
Kevin gets things going;removing cabinets, backsplash & mouldings.
Kevin is a skilled craftsman and we enjoy working together.
After a few hours of hard work, most of the kitchen was cleared.
After removing plumbing, electrical, cabinets & counter tops we removed the existing floor. The linoleum was torn away, ceramic tile was broken up and the concrete backer board was pried off the floor with a six foot crow bar.
The client wants more space open between the kitchen and small dining room. The doorway was removed and 35 inches of the wall.
After spending time removing the sheet rock, I realized the wall is weight bearing. That means it holds the weight of the ceiling above. On Tuesday, Kevin and I will add a small beam made of engineered laminated veneer lumber to carry the weight as I open the pass through counter.

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  1. So, we saw before pics.... any after pics to show off???