Sunday, June 14, 2009

Been weeks I know...

It has been weeks since I posted & truly I have not missed it. I do love blogs and blogging, I just needed some time away after my seven weeks in New Orleans. Business has been good and the family is great. The honey bees have been working hard & I look forward to honey harvest in a few weeks.

I am starting a kitchen renovation in Durham on Monday. Kevin Osborne & I have a challenging 10 days to complete the project while the clients are out of town. I am dependent on suppliers for the cabinets and flooring, so part of the time will be "hurry up and wait" for delivery trucks. Here are a few before photos:

Shelley & I spent most of the weekend with four other home schooling couples in a planning retreat for Lighthouse Christain Homeschool Association. It was good spending time with other home schooling moms & dads and planning a year of events and strategies for the folks in and around Wake Forest, NC.

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  1. Nice. Very nice.

    See you soon, my friend. The honey is awesome.