Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday & Monday are happy days in The Big Easy

A time off prayer and ministry at GCFI.

Sunday morning we attended worship with the congregation of Gideon Christian Fellowship International. We were welcomed with hugs and blessings as the usher escorted us to excellent seats on the third row. The music was fantastic and the congregation worships with reckless abandon. The church was ending a weekend conference for the ladies of the church. The speaker for the weekend was the guest for the day. After the service I did get the opportunity to meet Apostle Willie Wooten, the leader of this vibrant church at the corner of Elysian Fields and Pleasure St. I look forward to having lunch with this community leader during my stay here.

Louis and I then went to "The Sisters" house where we were going to go into town and visit a jazz hall. The hall is closed on Sundays so we opted to go with Mrs. Phillip to see the family home. The family of her father Mr. Gross has been in NOLA for over 150 years and the family home is at least that old. During Katrina a large two story home adjacent to the family home fell and crushed the Gross Family home. The picture speak for themselves...this piece of NOLA history may not survive the damage caused by the storm.

The Gross Family home on N. Villere St.

The home was crushed as the house next door fell during Katrina.

After a fifteen minute stay at her home Mrs. Phillip wanted to go for a walk. Louis and I followed along as she walked and pointed out many things about the Treme neighborhood. She lead us across N. Rampart and into the French Quarter. There she walked and talked about the NOLA of her childhood and all the changes that have taken place in her lifetime. We walked and talked with her more than an hour and it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Phillip is a walking history book.

We were invited to the family Super Bowl party at Karen and Micah's home. Karen is the niece of The Sisters and Micah is her seven year old son. Karen was a gracious hostess and we enjoyed our time with this genuine NOLA family. They are very close and love and care for one another deeply. We were honored to be included in this yearly family gathering. Karen is also a VERY good cook. Shrimp and Cat Fish Po Boys are delicious for a Super Bowl party. Each member of this family has lost much due to Katrina, they are a testimony in perseverance, patience and faith.

This morning we were back at it on Mrs. Phillip's house on Law St. While Louis continued on the hall bath tile Mrs. Phillip and I ventured on a floor tile/materials run. She hopped into my work truck and off we went. After buying tile at an outlet we had to go to the Home Depot in Chalmette. There we purchased plywood and a few things for the laundry room repairs. Mrs. Phillip wanted to walk around and "window" shop so I gathered the needed materials and waited for her at checkout. In a bit of time she slowly made her way to the front after looking at a few things and finding a new doormat for her sister.

When we returned Louis was busy with his tile project. He helped me unload the plywood and we set about our projects for the day. It was not long before the lunch call rang through the yard and we found a wonderful lunch of fried catfish. Louis and I are daily humbled by these ladies and the way they care for us. They have both lost so much, yet they have the generous hospitality to cook for us each noon as we work.

The lessons we are learning are numerous. God is not only blessing our work, but he is rewarding us each day as we meet the folks of NOLA. The friendliness and appreciation we are shown daily allows us to see God's life in each person we meet.

Continue to pray for us and always pray for the people of NOLA.

Treme has many beautiful homes.

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