Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, the sweet, sticky, gooey mess of honey

Most of the week has been cloudy and rainy. From Tuesday night until early this morning we have had three inches of rain. My construction project for this week was outside, so I decided to rob a few bees. One of my hives sits on my front porch and is out of the rain. I took three supers and extracted honey this morning. The photo is a great look at raw honey. Just out of the comb and still full of wax, pollen, bee wings, sand and grit. After filtering through a mesh screen it will be bottled and ready for the Wake Forest Farmer's Market on Saturday. Come out and join us in Wake Forest from 8am til noon!


  1. Looks really appetizing. Let me get this straight: honey is something bees regurgitate? Don't tell me it comes from their butts!

    This is much more interesting than blue grass:).

  2. You are correct. The bee has two stomachs. One is for digestion, the other is where nectar is stored during foraging. The honey stomach adds an enzyme to the nectar. The enzyme breaks the nectar down. The bees place the new honey in the comb and through evaporation cure it into honey. When it reaches 18.6% water or less you have honey.

  3. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I prefer to think of it as bee barf!

  4. Um..thanks guys... here I am recouping with my honey & hot tea and your talking bee barf....nice...real nice...

  5. Jimmy

    I need some more of that honey. When will you be in Durham?