Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama? McCain? Sometimes you just need a good story.

We are two months from one of the longest presidential election cycles of my memory.
Over 18 months ago, the dems and repubs who wanted the Oval office began to make ready for the primaries. We have had more debates, town hall meetings and political commentary than even this politico can stand. Reading blogs yesterday, I was struck by two. One talking about the value and sacrifice of the men who serve in the military, the other about the memories of a great mother. With all the hubbub of politics swirling, it is good to hear and reflect on good stories of amazing Americans.


My Friend Larry

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  1. I'll be on my honeymoon on election day this year. I plan to vote early. No negative ads will affect my choice for President. The best qualified for the job won't run, so the choice is pretty easy. Spending time with my wife as we travel half way across this beautiful and blessed nation is what I'm looking forward to.