Friday, July 25, 2008

Traveling with a friend through life...

Larry is my friend. Not only is he my friend but he is a leader in our faith community. He would not see himself as such, he would see all the flaws he struggles with every day. I have watched and walked with him through our life with God now for over ten years. In many ways, our path toward and with God has run a parallel path. That has much to do with our time growing up in church. In other ways, our paths have traveled in totally different directions, that has much to do with life experiences and choices the both of us have made along the way.

In all, it has been a life changing experience not only knowing him, but watching as God has worked and walked in Larry's life. As I think back, it is plain to see how God has also worked so slowly and clearly in mine. Many times, seeing God work in and with those close to us is a mirror to help us see how much God is doing in us.

Larry's latest post is excellent. I hope you will read and enjoy.

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  1. Gee, thanks Jimmy:).

    I have learned much from your walk too, especially when religion threatened to screw up what you came here to do: build real relationships that would reshape our community. You have never lost the dream even when some dear relationships were lost along the way.

    If you weren't marrying us in November, I'd ask you to be my best man. You've always been my best friend.