Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marietta GA, weddings, shrimp and family

We have just returned from a fews days of travel. On Saturday morning we left the home school conference bound for Marietta, GA. The reason for the road trip was to visit by brother and family and officiate the wedding of my oldest niece. By 9pm we arrived at my brothers home and found all the family just finishing dinner. My parents were there, both nieces, my nephew, my great niece and nephew, sister-in-law and the new groom.

Olivia(my niece) and James(her new husband) actually became man and wife on the 19th in a ceremony performed on the beach in West Palm. The officiate, the couple and a few beach walkers were in attendance. The ceremony on Sunday evening was for all the family and friends.

Sunday morning Shelley and I attended church with my brother's family while our kids and Creech slept in. The afternoon was spent getting ready for the party, napping and of course dressing for the beach themed ceremony/after party.

The evening was beautiful as bride, groom and I stood on a floating gazebo with the sun setting behind us. Family and friends sat on shore as neighbors and folks in the pool became quiet as the ceremony began. It was sweet, real and I was honored to be asked by James to perform this service for them.

The party was fun. The food and decorations transported all of us to the N.C coast, where our family has spent many a wonderful day together during countless vacations. The food, music and dancing continued until many, including myself, were exhausted.

Monday was spent with my brother as we transported my parents to the airport and hung out by the pool. It was a great time to spend with family and I am looking forward to many new adventures as James is now part of the mix.

One profound thing did happen. My great nephew Sean is eight years old. His biological father has never been in his life, so there has always been a hole in his heart for a father. During the first few hours of our visit Sean started a conversation with me. With a HUGE grin on his face he boldy proclaimed, " I am going to get a Daddy!" and "My name will be Sean Joseph Chalmers Millwood." Sean had been chosen by James to be his son. Sean had always desired a father and now James had chosen to become his father. This conversation and my thoughts afterward have reminded me of the power of God's love for me. I was not part of His family, I was a rebel, without hope. In all that The Father CHOSE me. He chose me to be His son, to take on His name and be part of His family. By the power of the Holy spirit living in me I even take on the spiritual DNA of God himself. Sean was chosen to be a child, I was chosen to be God's child. Great stuff! Great trip! Great family! Great God!

I didn't mean to end with so much preachy, sappy stuff, but that is where I am at the moment. With that in mind, check out yesterdays post by my good friend Larry.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip soon, but thanks for this insight so soon!

  2. What an awesome post. Marietta is right next to my old stomping grounds, Douglasville! Seeing the Big Chicken makes me nostalgic...

  3. Anonymous4:49 PM

    So, am I to take it from that last paragraph that my post was preachy and sappy? That would be me:)