Friday, March 07, 2008

A quick outdate.

It has been a busy week. Stepping in to finish a project for Harry has been much harder than first thought. On projects that are mine I do not mind the responsibility. I know how I work best and organize my brain and work load accordingly. With a great team of talented craftsman and sub-contractors, the work is done well, on time and most of the time on budget.

This is different. I must complete the project, but, I did not do the planning, thinking and most importantly budgeting. I am in many ways whistling in the dark each day. This week, my eyes have popped open at about 4am each morning. Concerned about Harry and his family. Hoping I can keep the client happy with progress and work quality. And each moment wondering if the funds will hold out before the work is complete. Thin profit margins are normal...fear of running in the red is a heavy weight.

I do enjoy coming home to my family at the end of the day. My family and our home brings me renewed strength and hope each day. The joy my daughters bring is worth the work. The faithfulness of my wife makes my heart strong. The rest of the house mates makes this house a place of refuge.

Harry is going home today!! He is walking by himself! He will require several months of rehab and healing, but with God's grace and mercy all will be well. His prolonged rehab may cause a financial strain. My prayers are that God will talk to His kids to help. Many of you have responded and I am thankful for your generous help and concern. This will be a long journey, many hands and much help will be needed. Keep up with the recovery here.

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