Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayer for a friend...

This is my friend Lisa. She just left the U.S.A. for a few weeks. She is traveling to Swaziland with Children's HopeChest. She is traveling with her 19 year old daughter Ty. They are going to have a life changing experience. When they return, they are going to write a book for Zondervan about the trip and about Children's HopeChest. Will you please pray for them, they will return to the states on Feb 3. They will then begin to write the book. All proceeds will be given to Children's HopeChest. I hope you will pray and buy a copy of the book when it is released.


  1. I pray that they have a safe trip and God keeps His hand of protection on them.

  2. What a neat organization! We will be praying for your friends and for the lives they will touch.