Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cool things happen among friends.

My friend Lisa Samson is a novelist. She has the opportunity to tell stories and have them published. She is good at what she does. This can be clearly seen by the fact that Publishers Weekly voted one of her books in the top 150 for 2007. She recently co-authored a book with her husband Will. Justice in the Burbs is a great book and you should read it.

Lisa contacted me last week with a request. She wanted to interview me and post the conversation on her blog for this week. I thank her deeply for the honor she has shown me and my family by the gesture. I hope the story of God in our lives will cause all of us to take one more step into the mystery of God's Kingdom. Take a look at the interview here.

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  1. hello,
    I enjoyed this series of posts on Lisa's blog and was wondering if you would be interested in writing a short piece for a blog I work on.
    Do you have an email address where I can contact you? you can contact me at mypalamyATgmailDOTcom
    if you're interested. Thank you!