Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Welcome Youth Workers!!!

Thanks to Gman, I found out my blog somehow ended up in a YS Update. If you are visiting because of that link, blessings2u for coming. If you are a youth worker blessings2u4whoUR!!

You are tilling hard ground.

The sun is hot.

Your hands are blistered.

You are tired.

Keep tilling.

After you till the soil for days.

Turn the soil over.

And do it again.

Cut in rows.

Plant seeds.

Plant seeds.

Plant seeds

Plant seeds.

Water them well.

The garden is planted.

The work has been long.

You are tired.

You may leave this garden.

You may not see the crop.

You may not feast of the bounty.

But it will be there.

Just to prove this is true, read this post from a few years ago.

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  1. Jimmy,

    I know YS features blogs not just of youthworkers but of those in ministry ... gives some good perspective. BTW I'm in the Raleigh area ...if ever want to do lunch or something email me and let me know.