Saturday, September 08, 2007

Three films you should see

Ushpizin is an Israeli film set in the Old City. The entire film is in Hebrew, so if you have studied any modern Hebrew you will enjoy hearing the language spoken by nationals. The film is the story of a middle aged Hasidic couple and unexpected guests that show up during the Sukkot. The themes of faith, the miraculous and redemption are deep within an excellent script and good acting.

The Red Violin is a Canadian film with Samuel L. Jackson the anchor of an ensemble cast. It is the story of a violin made in 1681. The violin travels the world and finally is sold at auction in Ontario early in the 21st century. It does have adult themes and nudity, but is a mysterious and enjoyable story none the less.

Freedom Writers Hillary Swank is the executive producer and lead in this film adaptation of a true story. You will experience the power of great teaching, courage and good books. You will also learn how a group of inner-city kids can and do relate to Anne Frank. They will also learn to dream beyond their environment.

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  1. Saw Freedom Writers a while back. Loved it. Up there with V for Vendetta in my book, and A Good Year.