Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, to be a bigwig in the kingdom....

I am not a theologian. I read theological books, I study theology, but I am tired of fighting over some small point of biblical/spiritual flotsam. I am not going to change your view by my brilliance, and I can promise this, nothing that you are going to say is going to change my view of scripture, spirituality, Jesus, God or the FACT that BBQ is not grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, it is its own food group.
If you want to prove your point about penal substitutionary atonement, OK by me, but 85% of Christians and 100% of folks who do not know Jesus could care less. If you believe the host transubstaniates, eat away. I prefer transmogrification any day.

Most folks I meet just want to get through the day, they do not need a lesson in systematic theology, they need a spiritual connection with the creator of the universe. I am truly tired of mainline/traditional Christianity always having a simple answer to complex questions.

Here is a video that has caused me to be quite angry all day.

I am not going to debate the rightness or wrongness of yoga. The Christian tradition has been borrowing stuff from pagan rituals for centuries...the Christmas tree, the Easter holiday, etc...
What has me bent in two is Dr MacArthur's pat and universal comment of basically, if you have a problem, get in the Word, get saved and you will have peace and joy.

I call HOGWASH, or better yet BS!

Dan Edelen has an awesome post on theological wrangling....


  1. Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the heads up on other blogs as well.

    Re: theological wranglings - a useless diversion if taken too seriously, yet an enjoyable past-time for for those who still wonder if there can ever be a link between theology and reality.

  2. I agree. There is a difference between trying to prove some eternally useless point and have a conversation where the goal is to learn from one another. I also agree that much of what is taught and debated in theological circles cannot help the average person get through a difficult day.
    As for the links, you are very welcome.

  3. Great post, Jimmy C!