Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sweet Lies

As a person of faith, I want everyone to have an opportunity to know the God and Jesus of the bible. Yes, the God/Jesus of the bible, not the caricatures created by religion or denomination.

As a parent, I want my children to know the God/Jesus of the bible. I am not arrogant enough to think my girls should know my God/Jesus, because I want more for them than the God/Jesus I have lived. I'm sure I have a caricature of God/Jesus that I have created in my mind and heart through the years. I know I exaggerate certain parts of God's/Jesus' character that I need or am dependent on, while I diminish the parts that make me uncomfortable.
Some of you are saying, "But Jimmy, you are to be the spiritual leader, the spiritual guide for your family and church."
I know, but I must admit, "If you are going to follow me, you had better stay back a few feet, I may step off a cliff!"

My wife and I have prayed for our girls, from conception until now. We have pointed them toward God/Jesus, from conception until now. We have lived a stumbling-bumbling life of faith for them, from conception until now. We have taught them the greatness of the bible, from conception until now. We have taken advantage of each and every "teachable moment", from conception until now. All of these we will continue until we exit this planet.

We need help! We cannot, nor should not, be the only reflection of faith our daughters see and experience. They need to see the faith of their grandparents, aunts and uncles, community members and our spiritual family(church) and members of other spiritual families.

All that long introduction to say this: the past few years our daughters have attended World View Academy each summer. The leaders are great men, but are not perfect. They have caricatures of God/Jesus just like me. Still, they cling to God/Jesus and the bible with a passion.
I can and will highly recommend this organization as another tool for "teachable moments" of faith. Our girls learned lots this year and this past Sunday, they lead our conversation at "church". The springboard for there "sharing" was a lecture they heard by Brandon Booth.
It was titled, "Seven Sweet Lies You Already Believe". I have been thinking on this conversation since Sunday and want to spend a few posts discussing what my daughters learned and in turn, taught me. So, come back and read about the sweet lies.

Follow-up: My daughter Katy posted this morning about "her" faith and "her" walk.

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