Monday, July 30, 2007

Finis...the stone, the mortar, the iron, all silent.

Today we finished a project we have been working on for several months. The stone porch/patio you see was carefully built my me, my business partner Harry Polk and Russ Creech. We used NO sub-Contractors on this project. We did all the work from start to finish.

Last fall, the french doors you see were not there. There were two windows and lots of brick. We removed the windows and several tons of brick, installed a roof support system then installed that beauty of a door unit. We returned this spring to add the porch/patio.

All the concrete, block, and stone were touched by our hands. The wrought iron railing was manufactured and installed by our team. The stone, block, mortar and sand came from here. The white cap stones were made here. The Buckingham Blue slate was gathered from the property, but was mined in the hills of VA. The energy, skill and creativity came from a well of God's grace deep inside. My hope and prayer is the McNish-Connelly family will experience great joy and God's blessings as they enjoy this new space.


  1. ...amazing!

    ...congrats all around!!

    ...when's dinner...or early morning coffee?

  2. It's so great to see what I have been hearing so much about for so long! What beautiful stone! BTW, the pumpkin butter came out (in my poor taste) really good. EK almost made herself sick "taste-testing" it last night! Thanks for idea and recipes!