Monday, August 13, 2007

Mystery and Progress

Thursday evening I returned home from a long and hot day to find my mailbox and post destroyed. Being in a rural area this is common. Farmers pulling wide and large machinery would not notice hitting a wood post. It would shatter by momentum of mass alone. A state contractor was mowing the shoulder on Thursday afternoon, an "accident" could have taken place with the large mowing arm. The last possibility would be a wayward auto. Here, the ingestion of "demon rum" would be needed as we live on a very straight road just after a four- way-flashing-light intersection. If it was a car or pickup, they have a ding in the paint this morning.

Saturday morning I was up and out early to purchase the needed materials for new mailbox and post. The "local" bigbox is about nine miles down the road in Henderson. I was in and out in ten minutes and my pocket was $91.00 lighter. I hate paying $91.00 dollars when I make a mistake, it hurts worse when there is an unknown reason for my spending. The new post will be bright safety red with a black jumbo size mailbox. The brass address numbers from the previous post survived. If you are ever in the area, sitting at the intersection of Salem and Huntsboro Rd, turn north, we are the driveway with the bright red mailbox post with the big black mailbox. Drop by for a visit, we will add some water to the soup;)

Just for your information. Kiddliwink Apiary will be selling honey, bees wax candles and honey based soap at the Wake Forest, NC Farmers Market starting Saturday, August 18. Come join us, get a sample and support local sustainable farms.

(HT: To Shelley for getting us in the farmers market)

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