Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The parachute is within my grasp

I enjoy supper around our family table. There is always lots of laughter, the conversations are never dull, and we will usually discuss something of substance. That is why the posts with the label Up to The Table are important to me. I truly wish all people could come up to the table and enjoy a meal with my family. But reality tells us this is not possible. Many families struggle to stay together and far to many struggle to keep food on the table. My hope is our small faith community can make a difference this summer. We are attempting to feed 24 children here in Granville County through the summer season. It all began with the post "Oh God, please let the parachute catch up with me!" We ARE feeding 24 children! We are low on funds! We are low on man power! We will continue!!

The director of a community summer reading program called us today. He wanted to thank us for the lunches. His program is going well thus far and part of the reason is 24 children know that if they come and learn to read better, they will go home with a good lunch. Learning and a full belly are important, even in the summer when the school cafeterias are closed.

My hope and prayer is a child will fall in love with reading and just maybe, enjoy a PB&J on good whole wheat bread and a granola bar and a piece of fresh fruit and a juice box. Someday, one of those children could read a book by C.S. Lewis or Madeleine L'Engle or Mark Twain or James Herriot or William Shakespeare or...the list could go one all night. Maybe by falling in love with reading, they could fall in love with learning and learn to build a strong self and build a strong family and a strong future and never be hungry again. Maybe they could help someone who will be hungry in the community where they will be living and loving and working and reading.

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