Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good News from Granville County

By yesterday morning my family was ready to help. Most of my family has had extensive training in Search and Rescue through the Civil Air Patrol. Shelley, Katy, Russ and Matt have spent hours training for such an event as a missing child. This child lives a few miles up the family had to respond. By lunch Katy and Russ were in the woods, Shelley was at the command center and Matt was preparing for an air mission over the search grid. By 1pm the N.C. Dept of Crime Control and Public Safety called the CAP unto a specific mission, find the child. I moved the van and radios to the command center while Shelley assisted the counties' Incident Commander with communications. Matt was flying overhead and Russ and Katy were still in the woods.

By 3:30 I had to leave for Franklin County and I had to find daughter number two who was away with friends. I had been asked weeks ago to cook for the First Birthday Party for Master Gavin Oaks. After cooking for forty or fifty people I made my way back home at around 8:30pm. Joy was home, but we had heard nothing from the crew in Goshen. No messages, no information. I knew the family could be busy all night, and with good reason. Joy had spent the better part of the day alone, so I took her to a movie. While we were in the film, Matt was flying over the search area. At around 8:30pm, Matt spotted Conner's yellow lab running into a tree line. At the same time, a man on horseback heard the dog bark. A group of men on four wheelers trekked into the area. Connor was back in his mother's arms by a wee-bit after 9pm. A miracle of God's grace and the beauty of community. It is a shame it takes a missing little boy to pull a community together.

Here is the experience of my daughter Katy.

Here is the experience of Katy's man Russ Creech.

Here is the experience from Shelley's(my wife)perspective

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