Friday, June 08, 2007


Victor Hanson has a good post on immigration. It is a challenge for our country. My answer is simple, enforce the laws we have and secure the border. Stop more from entering, take a breath, and lets deal with the ones here in a measured, well thought out and debated way. President Bush and many in Congress need to stop putting so much effort into people in other countries and concentrate more on justice here at home.

"So why do millions of these border-crossers head to Europe, the United States or elsewhere in the West?

Easy. Stable democracies and free markets ensure economic growth, rising standards of living and, thus, lots of jobs, while these countries' birth rates and native populations fall. In contrast, immigrants usually flee mostly failed states that cannot offer their people any real hope of prosperity and security."

Victor Hansen

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  1. I see this 'immigration reform' bill to be an admittance by the government that they can't enforce existing laws. The flaw in their thinking however, is that by creating more laws they'll somehow solve the problem, when we all know that it will exacerbate the problem. Perhaps the answer to solving illegal immigration is to replace the people who can't enforce current laws with people who will.

    I no longer have party loyalties because they are all inept or afraid to stand up to the critics. Just as Al Gore is convinced that we're facing a global warming disaster; I'm predicting that America is on course to become another third world country as we surrender to the will of the weak. Perhaps we should dissolve the union and create two or three nations where people of like mind can live together. I'm choosing the South for those of us who still hold to the original precepts of the Constitution.

    I may be over exaggerating the illegal immigration problem, but then I'm tired of hearing how far out of touch with the people our government is. It's hard to be sympathetic to those who actually want a better life when we're having to accept the thugs, slugs, and terrorists along with them.