Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dennis Fritz

You probably do not know Dennis Fritz. He is from the Midwest, Oklahoma and Kansas to be exact. At this moment he is doing all he can to care for his daughter and mother.

He is also working hard to make sure that lady justice is totally blind in the court system of USAmerica. This is important to Dennis. It is important because justice was not blind in his life. Dennis was convicted of first degree murder in 1988. He spent 11 years in county jail and state prison for a crime he did not commit. Dennis has written a book about his 12 year ordeal. Journey Toward Justice is a must read for all who enjoy compelling non-fiction. Dennis’ style is an easy read and he tells his story with simple words. The words may be simple, but his passion for truth is evident with each chapter.

You will ride the roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs with Dennis. One day will be hope of freedom; the next will be despair of being imprisoned. You will have a glimpse into the county jail system, state judicial system and state correctional institutions. You will read clearly how heavy handed investigators and unethical DAs can put innocent people in prison for life, or worse, on death row. You will wonder how you would react, how you would feel, how you would survive. If you love justice and enjoy freedom, you may lose sleep during the reading. Dennis does not preach Jesus in this book, but it is evident a deep and abiding faith sustained him during his incarceration.

Seven Locks Press and the editor condensed a 12 year time period down to 458 pages. The hardback is printed with a font size that will be easy on the eyes. 310 pages will take you on the journey from forwards and preface to the end of the trial. Dennis squeezes over 10 years of prison life and legal education into less than 100 pages and brings the story of the happy resolution to conclusion in the last 50. It is a page turner in which you will not be disappointed. The only fault I found was in Dennis’ remembrances of dialog; the exacting detail of words spoken is somewhat stiff and at times hard to believe in the passage of time. Dennis does have this on his side: much of the story is in court records and transcripts and the true story is a matter of historical fact. It is an amazing yet painful story for all who love justice and this great country. It should cause you pause as you honestly ask yourself, “Do all receive justice in this nation?”

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