Monday, June 18, 2007

Clan gathering

My father is expecting a new great-grandson. He is excited. He found the above book a few weeks ago to give to the new mother. He is a very good father, awesome grand father and very proud great-grand father. We are very blessed that he is still with us. Yesterday, the entire Chalmers Clan celebrated Father's Day together, in one place, at the same time. We were all together at my brother's home in Kennesaw, Ga. More than fifteen people were around the table in honor of Papa and his life of love and sacrifice. My brother sat at the head of his table and lead the family in prayers to God and toasts to the man who started the whole thing almost 58 years ago. In September, my parents will celebrate 58 years of marriage and family. The family continues to grow and my father is the proud patriarch of Sept Chalmers of Clan Cameron of N.C. He prays for each of his children, grand children and great-grand children daily, and we are blessed by his prayers and his faith. My father and older brother are manly men. I hope to emulate their manliness by my life and family. Dan Edelen has a great post on manhood, read, think, enjoy.

"Families are easy to make. God has crated the biology of making families easy and fun. Anyone can make a family. Families are very hard to build. Building requires great sacrifice, and many are not able to pay the price. Most folks settle for making families, not building them."
~Jimmy Chalmers~

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