Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sweet Tea and Hot Dogs

Thursday was a nasty day here in N.C. Misty rain and chilly breeze most all day. I thought I would break up the same old thing for a last minute road trip to Seagrove, N.C. I needed a randomizing ritual.

I called my friend Tom Gray. My plans were to drive to his shop, look at pottery and talk with a friend about nothing or something, depending on what happened. Tom was busy, he was driving to Hillsborough, N.C., for a bit of family business. He had a simple question..."Wanta meet in Hillsborough?" The drive would drop from over two hours to 35mins, you do the time management equation there. By this time it was almost high noon. A quick shower and shave and I was on the road.

After Tom took care of his family, we went to Sonny's Sandwich Shop. A great place for sweet tea and Sonny is great on the grill. Try his grilled chicken and cheese if you ever stop by.
Tom and I had to catch up a bit. Three years goes by fast. We talked about food, faith, family.
We complained about Washington, Raleigh and politicians. We drank gallons of sweet tea and Tom munched on a hot dog. The whole event cost us $5.08 and a bit of gas. We talked and drank for over three hours...good thing we were drinking only tea this visit. Tom gave me a piece of pottery for an auction and loaned a beautiful communion set to the church. I have the communion set now, it is too beautiful to give back. We will figure out how to pay the artist for his sacred work.

I cannot tell you the details of the converstion...I cannot remember them. I can tell you this, I left Sonny's better than when I arrived. I cannot explain this to you, I will not try to convince you. I will tell you this. Do all you can to break your schedule to pieces and do something spontaneous and last minute... it could be energizing, so you can keep going and going and going...

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Prov 27:17
~King Solomon~

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  1. Well, we talked about Jesus, food politics, and a ton of other things that I can't remember either. And, remembering really doesn't matter. It's the time spent together, the sharing that matters. If anything important was discussed, an impact made, it will resurface at an appropriate time. Right? Be blessed on this Palm Sunday!