Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Sower

TV was simple when I was young. Three channels were all you could watch. There were four, but PBS was "educational". Channel 11 WTVD was the ABC affiliate, based in Durham in a huge red brick building on Broad St. WRAL-TV was channel 5, the studio was on Western Blvd. in Raleigh. They had a HUGE tower that was full of Christmas lights each December. The NBC station was channel 28, I don't remember where they were, it always seemed they were moving from one place to another. UNC-TV was based out of Chapel Hill with studios on campus at UNC and in the RTP. By the early seventies there were also a few independents on the UHF band, and with a multi-directional aerial you pick up stations from Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point.

In all of this there was one constant. A man from Metter, GA., Dr. Michael Guido, known as "The Sower". He always told great stories, with scripture and a good word about Jesus and God. He was never "preachy" with his words or his delivery. I have fond memories of his voice and the music that played. I knew he knew Jesus, and genuinely loved people. I happened to think about him today, and googled his name. I thought for sure after so many years he would be in his heavenly home. I was wrong, he is still going strong. Slide by his website and pay Dr. Michael Guido a visit. If you are a person of faith you will enjoy "Seed from the Sower", if you have no faith, you will experience a wee-bit of joy from Dr. Guido. Give him a listen and let me know what you think.

For my Emergent friends, Dr. Guido was missional before any of us were born!!

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